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Arundel Snake Catcher

Discovered a snake at home and need an Arundel snake catcher?

South East Reptile Relocations is an Arundel based wildlife rescue service, owned and operated by reptile enthusiast and licensed Arundel snake catcher Mitch Thorburn. Mitch is authorized by the Queensland Government for the safe management and identification of venomous snakes and holds many years of experience. We service as far south as Coolangatta, as far north as Loganholme and as far west as Beaudesert.

Due to our location, we can be there to assist all Arundel residents in a minimal amount of time, and at the most affordable rates. Just give us a call!

Make sure you familiarise yourself with some of our local native reptiles by viewing our online identification albums. We aspire to educate the public about the breathtaking range of interesting reptile life we have here in South East Queensland, and help create an eco-friendlier approach towards our wildlife. Arundel is home to a vast number of the local snake species. No matter what species, rest assured that there is a licensed snake catcher and fauna relocator located nearby and ready to assist you 24/7

If you’re located near Arundel and urgently need an Arundel snake catcher, call Mitch now on 0423 866 017.

Arundel Snake Catcher

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