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If you’re looking for an affordable Gold Coast snake catcher that offers fast and professional assistance – look no further! Our team is comprehensively trained in the positive identification and safe relocation of all our local reptile species, guaranteeing an eco-friendly service you can trust. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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About Us

South East Reptile Relocations is owned and operated by Gold Coast based snake catcher Mitch Thorburn. Mitch has over 10 years of experience working with reptiles including venomous snakes and demonstrates a thorough understanding of both the ecology and behaviours of our local species.

The goal of our services is to mitigate the potentially dangerous interactions between people and our local reptiles whilst also promoting a more eco-friendly approach towards them. All actions completed on behalf of SERR have been approved by the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

Our native reptiles play essential roles within natural ecosystems and are fully protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992. At no stage do we support the unlawful harming or killing of any fauna species. Attempting to interfere with or bring harm to protected wildlife is exceedingly dangerous and carries heavy penalties.

Found a snake at home?

South East Queensland is home to a diversity of native reptiles, including 27 terrestrial snakes and many lizard and turtle species. Within this region however, we have a number of venomous snakes, some of which rank in the top 10 most venomous snakes on the globe. Here are some simple steps that you can take if you encounter a snake on your property.

  • If the snake is in close proximity, stand still, and wait for the snake to move on. If the snake doesn’t move away by itself, try slowly backing away until you are at a safe distance. Do not make any sudden movements.
  • Once you are well clear of the snake, be sure to contain any pets until the snake has either moved on or it has been relocated by a snake catcher.
  • If you encounter a snake inside your home, close off the room, roll up a towel and place it at the foot of the door to prevent the snake from escaping.
  • Never attempt to catch or kill a snake, as that is how people are most commonly bitten.
  • Call South East Reptile Relocations on 0423 866 017. We’re available 24/7.
  • Once the snake catcher is on his way, ensure you keep an eye on the snake as best you can, without intimidating the snake at all or endangering your safety. This will guarantee a greater chance that we will be able to locate the snake quickly upon arrival.
Mitch Thorburn - Gold Coast Snake Catcher

How can I keep my yard snake free?

No matter where you live in South East Queensland, snakes will always be a potential hazard. You can minimise the likelihood of having a snake in your yard this season by removing any ground debris and anything which could potentially create the perfect snake shelter and habitat. Pet cages that are located outdoors will regularly attract rodents, which in turn will attract snakes. It’s wise to keep pet enclosures clean, up off the ground and with as thin a space between bars as possible.

Snake-proof fencing is available from Bunnings, and can be an effective means of keeping some terrestrial snakes from entering your premises if applied correctly, however there is no 100% guaranteed method of keeping your yard snake-free, as snakes are very capable of getting pretty much everywhere.

I’m often questioned over the effectiveness of ‘Snake Repellers’. Snake repellers are designed to work by sending out vibrations into the ground throughout the day/night which in turn, is supposed to keeps snake away.

Unfortunately, if your property provides a snake with its basic needs (food, water, shelter, warmth), vibrations won’t be enough to deter them.

Keelback Snake Relocated By Gold Coast Snake Catcher

Additional Information

For additional information on our native wildlife and wildlife authority/licensing information visit EHP (Environment & Heritage Protection). To report an injured animal in QLD (Including snakes & other reptiles) contact RSPCA Queensland on 1300 264 625 or otherwise, Wildcare Australia at 07 5527 2444

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