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Welcome to South East Reptile Relocations, your local snake catchers and reptile relocation experts.

We strive to provide the most timely and comprehensive assistance to anyone in the Gold Coast and Logan areas 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because of our industry experience, we can confidently and thoroughly carry out our snake relocation and inspection services to the highest standard while ensuring the complete safety of our team, clients, and the reptiles we relocate. Furthermore, we consider education to be an important aspect of our service and strive to provide our clients with useful information, advice, and tips about snake awareness that they can use in the future.

All actions performed on behalf of South East Reptile Relocations have been approved by the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and are carried out by appropriately licenced and trained consultants.

Contact your Gold Coast snake catcher on 0423 866 017. Alternatively, for non-urgent enquiries, please email us at Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

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Gold Coast Snake Catcher

Found a snake at home and need a Gold Coast snake catcher now? Call Mitch on 0423 866 017, 24 hrs a day – 7 days a week. To find out more about our services click on the link below

Gold Coast Snake Identification
Snake Identification

Wondering what type of snake has being paying you a visit? For detailed information about all Gold Coast snakes click the link below. Send us a photo. Our snake identification service is FREE!

Gold Coast Lizard Identification
Lizard Identification

South East Queensland is home to many different species of Lizard. The majority of them are relatively harmless. For detailed information about all Gold Coast lizards click the link below.

Gold Coast Snake Species

Snake SpeciesScientific NameVenom
Bandy Bandy SnakeVermicella annulataWeakly Venomous
Blind SnakeRamphotyphlops spp.Non-venomous
Brown Tree SnakeBoiga irregularisWeakly Venomous
Coastal Carpet PythonMorelia spilota mcdowelliNon-venomous
Common Death AdderAcanthophis antarcticusHighly Venomous
Common Tree SnakeDendrelaphis punctulatusNon-venomous
Dwarf Crowned SnakeCacophis krefttiWeakly Venomous
Eastern Brown SnakePseudonaja textilisHighly Venomous
Eastern Small Eyed SnakeCryptophis nigrescensHighly Venomous
Eastern Tiger SnakeNotechis scutatus scutatusHighly Venomous
Golden Crowned SnakeCacophis squamulosusWeakly Venomous
Keelback SnakeTropidonophis mairiiNon-venomous
Marsh SnakeHemiaspis signataMildly Venomous
Pale Headed SnakeHoplocephalus bitorquatusHighly Venomous
Red Bellied Black SnakePseudechis porphyriacusHighly Venomous
Red Naped SnakeFurina diademaMildly Venomous
Rough Scaled SnakeTropidechis carinatusHighly Venomous
Spotted PythonAntaresia maculosaNon-venomous
Stephens Banded SnakeHoplocephalus stephensiiHighly Venomous
White Crowned SnakeCacophis harriettaeWeakly Venomous
Yellow Faced Whip SnakeDemansia psammophisMildly Venomous

Gold Coast, Logan & Scenic Rim Reptiles

The Gold Coast, Logan, and Scenic Rim regions are home to a diverse range of native reptiles, including snakes, lizards, and turtles. Though the majority of our local reptiles are thought to be harmless, a few are capable of inflicting severe bites / injuries that are known to be life threatening. These include the highly venomous Eastern Brown Snake and the Red Bellied Black Snake, both of which are frequently encountered in and around suburban homes.

It is not uncommon to encounter snakes and other reptiles near our homes as they travel in search of resources and/or annual breeding companions. Unfortunately, reptiles do not understand the dangers of human development and routinely put themselves in situations that could endanger people, pets, and the reptiles themselves.

If you discover an unwanted or potentially dangerous reptile on your property, please contact an authorised reptile relocator for advice and/or assistance. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and take pride in being able to assist and educate the community about our local reptiles and how to best mitigate dangerous interactions.

To get in touch with your local Gold Coast Snake Catcher contact us on 0423 866 017.

Our native reptiles play critical roles in natural ecosystems and are fully protected under Queensland’s Nature Conservation Act 1992. We do not condone the unlawful harming or killing of any fauna species. Interfering with or harming protected wildlife is extremely dangerous and carries severe penalties.

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