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Brown Tree Snake

Boiga irregularis

VENOM: Weakly venomous, bites may require medical assistance.
SIZE: Growing to 2m, (Avg 1.5m)

LOCAL DISTRIBUTION: The Brown Tree Snake is considered a common species throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Scenic Rim, particularly within the hinterland regions.

HABITAT: Brown Tree Snakes are found in a range of different habitats including dry sclerophyllforests, rocky outcrops, vine thickets and rainforest areas.Regions with thick vegetation are preferred by these snakes as they are primarily arboreal and spend large amounts of time foraging off the ground for birds and their eggs.
This species is regularly encountered within the ceiling cavities of homes which they utilize for shelter and warmth.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  Brown Tree Snakes have a long, slender build with a broad head and large cat-like eyes.These snakes are orange to brown on top with numerous dark irregular bands or specks from head to tail tip.The belly is normally orange or salmonin colouration.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Northern locales often have distinct orange and white banding; known as the ‘night tiger morph’, individuals of this colouration are not found within South East Queensland. After each breeding season pregnant females lay between 6-12 eggs.



Brown Tree Snake
Brown Tree Snake Gold Coast

It’s important to realise that many species of snake can vary in colour, pattern and size. This often makes it very hard to make a positive identification of the snake. You should always assume that a snake is highly venomous, keep your family and pets at a safe distance and call a Gold Coast snake catcher.