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Dwarf Crowned Snake

Cacophis kreftti

VENOM: Weakly venomous, bites may require medical treatment.
SIZE: Maximum length of 37cm (Avg 25cm)

LOCAL DISTRIBUTION: The Dwarf Crowned Snake is considered a common snake species throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane, particularly within the hinterland regions.

HABITAT: Similar to the other Crown Snakes, this species prefers wet and cool habitats where ground lying debris and leaf litter is thick. They spend majority of their time hidden amongst litter in rainforest and wet sclerophyll habitat where they forage for small skinks upon which they feed. This species is occasionally encountered within suburban backyards where ideal habitat persists.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Dwarf Crowned Snake is a gun metal black along the entire dorsal surface and down along the flanks. A small yellow ‘bracket’ like marking surrounds the back of the head. This crown is distinct from the rest of the body and similar in colour to the vibrant yellow underbelly.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: When threatened the Dwarf Crowned Snakes raisesthe front portion of their body off the ground as an attempt to ward predators away. During each breed season females will lay around 2-5 eggs.


Dwarf Crowned Snake

It’s important to realise that many species of snake can vary in colour, pattern and size. This often makes it very hard to make a positive identification of the snake. You should always assume that a snake is highly venomous, keep your family and pets at a safe distance and call a Gold Coast snake catcher.