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Eastern Small Eyed Snake

Cryptophis nigrescens

VENOM: Dangerously venomous, seek emergency assistance if bitten.
SIZE: Growing to roughly 1.2m (Avg 50cm)

LOCAL DISTRIBUTION: The Eastern Small Eyed Snake is a regularly encountered species throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Scenic Rim regions, particularly within humid, elevated areas.

HABITAT: Eastern Small Eyed Snakes inhabit both dry and wet areas and have been recorded in an array of different habitats, from dry sclerophyll forests, rocky outcrops and rainforests. As a result of their nocturnal nature, these snakes make the most of any ground-lying shelter during the day and are often encountered in log piles and garden debris. Around the home, these snakes are commonly seen sheltering during the day, particularly when gardening or clearing debris. During the evening however, it is possible to observe this species actively foraging for sleeping skinks.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Eastern Small Eyed Snakes have a rounded head with characteristically small, black eyes. They range narrowly from grey to black and have particularly glossy scales. The belly is generally pink or orange in colour and does not persist into the flanks of the snake, unlike that of the Red Belly. Individuals in the shedding cycle may have a cream belly and will usually appear significantly greyer, as the old skin separates from the body.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: It is not uncommon to find these snakes within communal distance to each other, and as such, multiple individuals have been found residing in a single location (Commonly under rocks). After each breeding season, females give birth to approximately 4 live young.



It’s important to realise that many species of snake can vary in colour, pattern and size. This often makes it very hard to make a positive identification of the snake. You should always assume that a snake is highly venomous, keep your family and pets at a safe distance and call a Gold Coast snake catcher.